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Discover the Benefits from Ingredients in Our Extreme Pollen Bee Pollen
Bee pollen is considered one of nature's most completely nourishing foods, containing nearly all nutrients required by humans.  They contain all the essential components of life - they are rich in proteins, free amino acids, and vitamins, including B-complex and folic acid.  Learn more..

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"How does Extreme Pollen work?"
Thermogenesis.  /ther·mo·gen·e·sis/(-jen´ĕ-sis) 
​the production of heat, especially within an animal
                                                     ...uh, what the heck is that?

Smart Facts

The weight loss market is one of the fastest growing industries and is projected to reach $134 BILLION by 2014! ​55% of people in the US are overweight & 30% are obese.  The epidemic of overweight & obese people in the US fuels an ever growing weight-loss market. There isn't a better time to start your own business in this Multi-Billion Dollar Industry!

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Pollen Diet is committed to the safety of our customers & setting a better-business example.  We follow the GMP set forth by the AHPA & the FDA.  All of our supplements are insured & made/tested in FDA registered, GMP certified facilities here in the USA!